2012: Movie Review


The wait is over! The movie for which I’m sure all of us were eagerly waiting, has released. The movie is all about The 2012 phenomenon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_phenomenon)and the speculative end of the world along with the human race. So the storyline is very much known to everyone. No points for guessing that. 😉
Then what is it for which we should shed our pockets and watch this two and a half hour movie? The answer is the technical excellence that encompasses this piece. Since the start of the movie, it kept me glued to my seat, i didn’t even lose my sight on of the effects.( Except for the time when I was tweeting. 😛 ) I won’t say its a masterpiece but then this is a movie with such technical brilliance, such captivating screenshots and special effects that probably we never witnessed before. Atleast I haven’t! Trust me 2012 even fares better than The Independence day and The Day after Tomorrow in terms of special effects and screen presence. 🙂
The disappointment was the screenplay. Frankly speaking it was nothing different than a bollywood flick where our Dharmendra type HERO is left of any damage or injury and nothing happens to him. In some sequences, it went too overboard to save the hero everytime. It was over. Then about the ending. All the evil guys dying and the good ones saved- I mean the ending wasn’t apt. Logically if the world is about to end, there is no escape from that. I mean I couldn’t figure out why those ships weren’t destroyed even after crashing right into Mt. Everest! I mean what material were they! 😛
Now about the actors. John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor have done a fabulous job in the lead. Apart from them I don’t think anybody had any powerful part to play. Yes to mention those kids were very smart and cute as well. Remember the sequence when John Cusack takes them to the restricted area for the first time. 😉 The direction is the strong point of the movie as well. Hats off to Roland Emmerich for taking this ship to the harbour and he did that pretty well. Didn’t he? 🙂
So the movie deserves a rating of 4 out of 5 from me. A must watch if you are looking forward to some brilliant artwork and special effects! 🙂